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Veeam 10 is Compatible with Pure Storage Plug-in 1.2.45

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Veeam has recently released the V10 version of its Backup & Replication software suite.

Veeam has recently released the V10 version of its Backup & Replication software suite. The Universal Storage API will be released later.

This article relates the results of testing the compatibility of the Pure Storage® Veeam plug-in version 1.2.45 with the current (V10) version of Veeam.  


The Pure Storage plug-in for Veeam leverages Pure Storage FlashArray™ snapshots for backup. Not only are FlashArray snapshots very efficient (space-saving and fast to recover from), they also solve the VM Stun issue.  Please read this blog to understand the advantages of the Pure Storage Plugin.


Figure 1

In order to configure a backup proxy (that uses Direct SAN access mode), the backup proxy must have a direct connection to the production storage via a hardware or software HBA. 

It is highly recommended to use FlashArray snapshots for backups (which is configured by selecting the “Enable backup from storage snapshot” in the Advanced Settings window of <backup job, jobs - fill in>. See Figure 2 below


Figure 2

To verify Pure Storage and Veeam 10 compatibility, the following scenarios were tested

  •  Single VM with multiple data stores 

  •  Multiple VMs with multiple data stores. 

These jobs were run multiple times on the latest version of Veeam 10 to validate plugin compatibility.

Single VM with Multiple Data Stores 

In this case, a single 2.4 TB VM with multiple data stores is backed up with the Pure Storage plug-in. The result was a successful backup. The Pure Storage plugin takes the snapshot and backs up the VM through SAN.

Multiple VMs with Multiple Data Stores

In this test case, multiple 2.4 TB VMs with multiple data stores are backed up with Pure Storage plug-in. The result was a successful backup. 

These scenarios have been tested multiple times successfully with the Pure Storage Veeam plug-in. 

Here are the release notes for compatibility of the plug-in and it can be downloaded from this link


Our testing shows that the Pure Storage Veeam Plug-in 1.2.45 is completely compatible with Veeam 10. The installation of Veeam Plugin and testing of the scenarios (single VM with multiple datastores/ multiple VMs with multiple datastores) has been tested exhaustively and the plugin worked perfectly.