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Pure1 Support Portal

Download: vRealize Operations Management Pack


  • vRealize Operation 6.7 or higher (Advanced and Enterprise Versions)
  • FlashArray 400 series
  • FlashArray//M series
  • FlashArray//X series
  • Purity 5.0.x or higher


Currently we have unpublished the Solutions Exchange page for the version 2.0.8 vROPs management pack plugin while Pure works to fix some issues that were recently found in the 2.0.8 release.  The 2.0.10 version of the plugin is under certification and will be published soon.  Should there be a case where there was a 1.0.x version of the plugin unsuccessfully upgraded to 2.0.8, please first downgrade to 1.0.152 and then upgrade to 2.0.10.

The 1.0.152 management pack which can be downloaded Here

Until the 2.0.10 management pack is published to the VMware solutions exchange, please download the signed pak here.

Thank you.