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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Complete integration with Citrix VDI Solutions and VMware VDI SolutionsPure's modern data experience provides a fast, resilient, simple to manage and easily scalable all-flash platform for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Accelerate your Citrix or VMware VDI deployment with the most resilient virtual desktop infrastructure available. 

VDI image-intensive workloads with NVIDIANow you can deliver rich graphics-intensive workloads to your most demanding users. Pure Storage has partnered with NVIDIA to offer a validated, rich graphics virtual workstation solution that delivers a superior and mobile end-user experience – plus centralized management, cloud-simple operation, and data security. 




  • Achieve consistent <1ms latency with proven 99.9999% availability
  • Get a superior end-user experience
  • Enjoy non-disruptive operations through failures, upgrades, and generational refreshes


  • Set and forget management simplicity
  • Eliminate worries about I/O variability or persistent/non-persistent desktops
  • Start small and grow to 1000s of seats without disruptions or forklift upgrades

Cost Efficient

  • Get all-flash storage at less than $50 per desktop
  • Consolidate all your Tier 1 apps: no performance impact and save on power, cooling, and space
  • Radically change the storage ownership model with Evergreen Storage

A Complete Solution for VDI

A Complete Solution for VDILooking for an integrated, Cisco-validated storage solution for VDI? FlashStack™ Converged Infrastructure delivers all-flash speed and resiliency for all your workloads and simple, rapid deployments based on pre-validated blueprints. Scale seamlessly and manage easily as your business grows. Fully tested, fully customizable, and fully supported.

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