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VMware vRealize Operations - vROps

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Pure Storage vROps Management Pack Release Timeline

Management Pack Version Release Date
3.3.0 November 2023
3.2.0 February 2022
3.1.1 March 2021
2.0.12 February 2021
3.0.2 September 2020
3.0.1 July 2020
3.0.0 April 2020
2.0.11 Feb 2020
1.0.152 December 2017
VMware vRealize Operations - vROps
VMware vRealize™ Operations™ (vROps), part of the VMware vRealize suite, provides a unified management experience for IT services on the VMware vCenter™ server. The Pure Storage FlashArray Management Pack (MP) for vROps provides a comprehensive view of the Pure Storage FlashArrays, including their storage object data, capacity, performance statistics, and alerts in the vRealize monitoring environment. To accomplish this the management pack uses Purity's built-in REST API on the FlashArray.