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Tanzu User Guide: Creating A Tanzu Kubernetes Guest Cluster

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This sample YAML file can be copied and bolded items must be modified for usage in your own environment.

apiVersion: #tkg api endpoint
kind: TanzuKubernetesCluster #required parameter
  name: tkc-118 #cluster name, user defined
  namespace: kg-ns1 #supervisor namespace
    version: v1.18 #resolved kubernetes version
      count: 3 #number of master nodes
      class: guaranteed-medium (1) #vmclass for master nodes
      storageClass: cns-vmfs (2) #storageclass for master nodes
      count: 3 #number of worker nodes
      class: guaranteed-medium (1) #vmclass for worker nodes
      storageClass: cns-vmfs (2) #storageclass for worker nodes


  1. You can use the command kubectl get virtualmachineclasses to see what classes are available to you to use within your Namespace.
  2. You can use the command kubectl get sc to see what storageclasses are available to use within your Namespace.  Please note that as of this documentation release in June of 2021, it is required to use a VMFS datastore to deploy the Tanzu Kubernetes Guest Cluster nodes to.

The below demo video shows how to create a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster with the FlashArray using the YAML file above.