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Best Practices: VMware Horizon

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Hypervisor Recommended Settings


ESXi Recommended Parameter Changes and VMware KB Articles

VDI Product Recommended Settings


VMware Horizon View General Best Practices

Horizon View Parameter Recommended Default  Description
View Storage Accelerator Disable Enabled This is disabled through the Connection Server.  Because Pure Arrays have lots of IOPS at very low latency, we don't need the extra layer of caching at the host.
Maximum Concurrent vCenter Operations >=50 ~20 The default concurrent vCenter operations are defined in the View Connection server advanced vCenter settings.  The default values are quite conservative and can be increased to higher values to allow recompose and other operations to complete much more quickly.
Virtual Disk Format SE Sparse   Space Efficient sparse virtual disks are recommended on Pure Storage due to space efficiency and preventing VMDK bloat. 



General VDI Sizing Guidelines