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vRealize Orchestrator 8 User Guide: Installing the Pure Storage Plugin

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Downloading the Pure Storage Plugin

To download the plugin, go to our Quick Reference Page:

vRealize Orchestrator Quick Reference

This page has links to directly download the plugin .vmoapp file:



Installing the Pure Storage Plugin

Note the process to install the plugin or upgrade it, is the same. If you are upgrading and you have written custom workflows, it is imperative that you test the update on a development copy of your vRO deployment to ensure that all custom workflows continue to execute properly.

To install the plugin into vRealize Orchestrator 8.x login to the vRO Control Center. Go to the management address of the vRO instance at https://<vRO FQDN>/vco-controlcenter:


Login and click Manage Plug-Ins:


Click on the Browse button:


Navigate to the .vmoapp file for the Pure Storage Plugin and click Open.


Click Upload:


Accept the EULA and click Install:


The plugin will be uploaded to vRO--the plugin features will be available as soon as the vRO server restarts which happens within a few minutes.


When the plugin is successfully installed, the workflows will appear in the inventory--you can access the client via https://<vRO FQDN>/vco/. The vRO configuration server will reboot automatically, allow 5 minutes or so for the service to resume, if you see an error saying "Bad Gateway" it is still starting up. 


Click on Start the Orchestrator Client and click on Inventory:


You should see the Pure Storage listing under the inventory panel list.