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vRealize Orchestrator 7 User Guide: Pure Storage Inventory

Pure1 Organizations

Starting with the Pure Storage Plugin version 3.5 for vRealize Orchestrator 7.x, the ability to authenticate to the Pure1 REST API exists. Every Pure Storage customer is provisioned one or more Pure1 organizations that aggregate your Pure Storage platforms into Pure1. Pure1 is a SaaS-based management and monitoring tool for trending, analytics, support, sizing, and more. Pure1 offers a REST API that enables the end user to pull the data out of Pure1 and manage it in the platform of their choosing.

When you upgrade or install the vRO plugin 3.5 or later, you will see a new default bucket under the Pure Storage listing in the vRO inventory:


All existing storage connections will appear under there. If you expand the Uncategorized section, there are two folders:


  • FlashArray Connection. This will have all FlashArray and Cloud Block Store connections and their inventory.
  • FlashBlade Connection. This will have all FlashBlades connections.

If you add another Pure1 organization (process documented here) it will appear under the Pure Storage heading with its own FlashArray and FlashBlade Connection folders.


Once you have added a Pure1 connection and then subsequently add FlashArray, FlashBlade, or Cloud Block Store connections, they will be added to the folders under the Pure1 organization they belong to.



If you remove a Pure1 organization (documented here) you have the option to remove all children storage connections or move them to the Uncategorized folder.

If you click on a Pure1 organization, there are three properties:

  1. Display name. What you called it when is was connected.
  2. Org ID. This is the unique identified from Pure Storage of the Pure1 organization.
  3. Base URI. This will always be


Custom Scripting

If you would like to manage the Pure1 organization in the via scripting in vRO you can. The object type is PS:Pure1Connection:


To create, edit, remove, and delete Pure1 connections you can use the Pure1 connection manager:


By clicking on each sub-bullet you can learn more about the method inputs or object properties:


FlashArray or Cloud Block Store Connections

When a FlashArray or Cloud Block Store is added, the entire object inventory is pulled into vRealize Orchestrator.

FlashBlade Connections

In progress...