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SRM User Guide: Upgrading the FlashArray Storage Replication Adapter

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FlashArray SRA Version Options

VMware Site Recovery Manager currently comes in two forms, a Linux/Photon-based appliance and a Windows-based installation. In general, Pure Storage recommends using the Photon-based appliance option for SRM as VMware plans to deprecate support for the Windows option. Prior to that, Pure Storage is likely to only add new features to the photon version of the SRA. In short, a migration to the Photon appliance is encouraged.

The 4.0.0 release of the Pure Storage Storage Replication Adapter will be the last release to support the Windows-based Site Recovery Manager deployment. For the latest features and bug fixes from Pure's SRA, please consider upgrading your Windows-based SRM appliance to the Photon-based SRM appliance.

The Pure Storage FlashArray SRA supports upgrades of the SRA in-place with both SRM offerings.

Download the latest SRA from the here for the correct version of SRM that you are using. As always, the final source of truth is the VMware compatibility guide found here:

Upgrading the Photon-based FlashArray SRA

The Photon-based SRA is a .tar file that will look something like below:


Navigate to the SRM appliance administration web interface. Generally this will be at the SRM server FQDN with port 5480.


Login (default username is admin) and click on the Storage Replication Adapters page:


You will see the Pure Storage FlashArray SRA listed there. Ensure the the current version is older than what you are about to install.

There is no direct update process, so click on the New Adapter button.


Click Upload to deliver the new SRA:


Point it to the new SRA version and let it update:


Once it completes, click Close.


Upon completion, one of two things will happen:

  1. If only one Pure Storage FlashArray SRA is present, the upgrade is complete.
  2. If there are two listings of the Pure Storage FlashArray SRA like the below image, please continue to remove the old adapter instance.


Click on the vertical ellipsis of the older SRA and choose Delete.


Some may ask if it is necessary to copy/import SRA configuration for the FlashArray SRA, but this is not needed. All required state is persisted upon removal of the previous SRA version.


Confirm the deletion:


Repeat the same process on the other SRM server (and any other paired sites in the case of a shared recovery model).

Upgrading the Windows-based FlashArray SRA

In the Site Recovery Manager server, verify the installed version of the SRA in the Add/Remove Programs list in Windows:


Transfer (or mount the location of) the newer FlashArray SRA. Right-click the SRA file to start the upgrade:


Confirm the upgrade and click Next.


Accept the license:


Start the installation by choosing Install Now:



Confirming the SRA Upgrade in SRM

Log into the SRM management interface and click on Configure > Array Based Replication > Storage Replication Adapters and then click on Rescan Adapters:


Repeat the rescan on both SRM servers:


The status now should be OK for both SRAs (which should be the latest version now) on both SRM servers.