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SafeMode with VMware User Guide

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In today’s security and ransomware landscape, advanced protection features like SafeMode are a fundamental requirement.  SafeMode disables the ability to eradicate volumes and snapshots from the destroyed items bucket, introduces an adjustable Eradication Timer, disables the ability to remove volumes from protection groups and disables the ability to shorten the protection group retention period.  With these changes made integrating SafeMode with VMware requires planning.

For more details specifically about FlashArray SafeMode please see the Guide for Enabling SafeMode and SafeMode Best Practices.

VMware Product or Feature Supported with SafeMode? Additional Information
VMFS Yes  
vVols Yes See this KB for more information
Site Recovery Manager with SRA

Without Manual Intervention - SRA 4.2.0 and higher

With Manual Intervention - Partially if using SRA 4.1.0 or lower.

See this KB for more information

SRA 4.2.0 or higher is required for full support with SafeMode and SRM.

Site Recovery Manager with vVols Yes

See this KB for more information

Pure Storage Plugin for the vSphere Client Yes