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Equinix Metal Guide: Initial FlashArray Configuration

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When a FlashArray is provisioned in an account the array will come with two VLANs, one for management and one for iSCSI. These will be automatically provisioned in your Equinix account (or upon request will use pre-existing ones). For initial IP information, the user will provide this during the provisioning process and the specific IPs will not be directly available in the Equinix console to view.

Configure FlashArray


Identify the FQDN or IP of the FlashArray and enter it into a web browser with network access to the management network of the FlashArray:


Upon first login, the username is pureuser and the password is pureuser. Change this password immediately (new versions of Purity will enforce this).

To change it, go to Settings > Users > Edit User:

clipboard_eede8123019a1a4dac5ee3ad9c8307def.png clipboard_edddc948ce95f8c6f8684d32485bcf691.png

Accept the End User Agreement


First assign a name to the FlashArray. This can be done under Settings > System.

clipboard_ea818897623c4b8b5b4dff67312724667.png clipboard_e78d21d9a8473ace53a193a4f84c3eb16.png

The generate a new certificate (or configure one via your certificate authority).

clipboard_ed9f187a6e9400a83b76c2bb8c1e72e61.png clipboard_e5ea3f2492ed59fb765e3fdc74ecc9bc4.png

It is also recommended to do the following things:

  1. Configure a syslog target
  2. Add alert recipients
  3. Change the default pureuser password