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Equinix Metal Guide: Configure VMFS

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An alternative option to vVol is a VMFS--which can be used in places where vVols are not the best choice or possible. VMFS use cases include:

  • ActiveCluster or ActiveDR use cases (these are not yet supported with vVols but is planned in the future).
  • NVMe-oF. This is not yet supported with vVols but VMware is planning this.
  • Large numbers of VMs that do not use array based features. Situations like VDI where VMs do not always need array services (snapshots, replication etc) VMFS can be a satisfactory option.

Provision a VMFS

To provision a VMFS, click on a cluster and choose Pure Storage > Create Datastore.



Choose VMFS, and a type, followed by a name and a size.

clipboard_e894874ef9381e3d175de6a56fb80a0cb.png clipboard_ea1779cd42601d491df50c43469235c91.png


Then choose an array or a pod (the Clustered list is for ActiveCluster protection and Continuous if for ActiveDR).


You can optionally set QoS limits and add it to a volume group in the case of related volume reporting.


Click Finish to provision.

Viewing Datastore Details

You can view more information as well as see links to performance charting, snapshot management, and connectivity via the summary tab of the datastore in the FlashArray panel.