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Troubleshooting vSphere Plugin SSL Certificates for Browsers

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When you are using the vCenter Pure plug-in you are able to view and manage the GUI within the vSphere Web Client.  Each browser has a different way to handle the SSL Certificate authentication.  We have a known issue with mismatched addresses that we plan to fix in the long term, in the meantime you can find the workarounds below. 

Note: Certificates used with a FlashArray must be PEM formatted (Base64 encoded).


Internet Explorer

When logging into the vCenter Web GUI on IE you may see the following: 


In order to use the vSphere Plug-In you will need to perform the following: 

Step 1: Disable the Option for "Warn about certificate address mismatch*" (IE11+ Only)
original (1).png

Step 2: Add the array's URL to the trusted sites

original (2).png

Step 3: Navigate to the PureStorage FlashArray's GUI URL

Do not log in, click on "Certificate Error > View Certificates"

original (3).png

Step 4: Install the Certificate

original (4).png

original (5).png

original (6).png

original (7).png

original (8).png

Once the certificate is installed, you should be able to see the Pure GUI in the vCenter Plug-in.  

Google Chrome

When you log into the vSphere GUI you will see the following: 

original (9).png

To fix this you will need to log into the array directly first & by pass the certificate warning: 

original (10).png

Once you do this, you will be able to reload the vSphere GUI and see the Pure GUI in the plug-in.


When logging into the vCenter Web GUI you will get the following error: 

original (11).png

To fix this, log directly into the Pure GUI and add it as an exception: 

original (12).png

Once you've done this you're all set as this will add it as a permanent exception.