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Troubleshooting: Installation "No virtual IP configured" Error

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While attempting to install the Pure Storage vSphere Plugin, specifically while using "vir1" as the primary interface, the following error message is received:

CLI error:

pureplugin: error: No virtual IP configured.

GUI error:

 vir1 error

This issue is not seen when the 'vir0' interface is configured, enabled, and on the same network as the vCenter Server.


There is currently a limitation with our vSphere Plugin that doesn't allow you to install / register it on the vCenter Server using the 'vir1' interface. You must have the 'vir0' interface enabled, and configured, on the vCenter Server network to get the registration process to complete successfully.


Enable & configure 'vir0' on the FlashArray with a valid IP, netmask, & gateway to ensure successful installation of the Pure Storage vSphere plugin. You can refer to TI-3866 for additional information on this specific issue.

This KB will be updated once we have a working vSphere Plugin that addresses this issue. Until then, please perform the steps above to work around this issue.

Please remember that 'vir0' uses the ctX.eth0 interfaces for connectivity. This means that you must have physical connectivity to those interfaces for 'vir0' to properly function.