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Why am I unable to create a thick provisioned vVol VM?

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When attempting to create or migrate a thick provisioned virtual machine (VM) on the Pure Storage FlashArray, utilizing vVol technology, the following error is reported:

Error creating disk Error creating VVol Object. This may be due to insufficient available space on the datastore or the datastore's inability to support the selected provisioning type

This results in the VM creation or migration failing.


The underlying reason for this error is due to the FlashArray rejecting the request for a thick provisioned VM upon creation or migration to the FlashArray. The Pure Storage FlashArray utilizes both thin and micro provisioning technologies for space management and is unable to reserve unused space when thick provisioned VMs are created. Thus it was decided to disallow that request to ensure administrators are able to properly manage and account for space usage on the FlashArray.

By allowing a FlashArray / vSphere administrator to create thick provisioned VMs on vVols this could create problems later down the road if admins are expecting that space to be reserved but was not properly reinforced. Thus to ensure FlashArray / vSphere Administrators are able to properly account for space, we only allow thin provisioned VMs when utilizing vVols.

You can refer to the following blog post for additional in-depth information.

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