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Storage vMotion using VVOL datastore on Pure array results in Error 195887107

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When attempting a Storage vMotion using a VVOL datastore on the PureStorage array, the operation results in the following error:

Failed writing for data. Error 195887107. Not found. 

Taking a look within vmware.log for the VM, we can see the below error:

vmware-1.log:2018-12-04T18:01:20.529Z| Worker#0| W115: Mirror: scsi0:1: SVMotionLocalDiskCreate: Failed to create destination disk: The requested size is not a multiple of 1MB
vmware-1.log:2018-12-04T18:01:20.529Z| Worker#0| W115: SVMotionPrepareForCopyThread: Failed to create destination disks


Storage Vmotion Failure.


The issue regarding Storage vMotion can be due to an invalid disk size setting for the VM, on the VVOL datastore.  In this case, the destination machine disk size was not an integer - rather, when the settings were edited for disk size, the data file showed a size of 1,530.3999992320505 MB.

As per VMware documentation below, the size of a virtual volume must be a valid integer:

"The size of a virtual volume must be a multiple of 1 MB, with a minimum size of 1 MB. As a result, all virtual disks that you provision on a virtual datastore or migrate from any datastore other than the virtual datastore should be an even multiple of 1 MB in size. If the virtual disk you migrate to the virtual datastore is not an even multiple of 1 MB, extend the disk manually to the nearest even multiple of 1 MB."