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vSphere Troubleshooting: Storage vMotion results in ESXi host hanging

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While performing a storage vMotion the ESXi host unexpectedly locks up and becomes unresponsive. Further review of the issue will confirm no report of a PSOD and a hard reset of the host is required to recover.

After resetting the ESXi host a review of vmkernel logs reports the following errors:

vmkernel: cpu33:397265)<7>fnic : 2 :: Abort Cmd called FCID 0xffffffff, LUN 0x1 TAG 5a flags 843

The key component to the logline above is that the abort is being called on FCID 0xffffffff.


This issue is specific to Cisco UCS servers utilizing the following VIC adapters with Firmware Version 4.2(3a):

Cisco UCS VIC 1340 modular LOM (UCSB-MLOM-40G-03)
Cisco UCS VIC 1380 mezzanine adapter (UCS-VIC-M83-8P)
Cisco UCS VIC 1385 Dual Port 40Gb QSFP+ CAN (UCSC-PCIE-C40Q-03)
Cisco UCS VIC 1387 Dual Port 40Gb QSFP CNA MLOM (UCSC-MLOM-C40Q-03)

 In order to resolve the issue upgrade to a fixed release noted in Cisco CSCvj32984.