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Troubleshooting when Unable to Increase Datastore in ESXi vSphere

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When trying to increase an existing volume you will see the new volume size in vCenter. However, when the increase button is clicked for the datastore, the available capacity on the volume does not show up.


If the correct volume size is not being reflected, the management services on the ESX hosts that aren't reflecting the volume size correctly may need to be restarted and storage rescanned.

Please refer to VMware support for this recommendation as restarting management services has the potential to impact tasks that are running on the ESXi host at the time of the restart.

There are a few reasons this may be happening, you may have one fo the following issues , please refer to the following:

  1. Try VMware KB Unable to grow or expand a VMFS volume or datastore (1017662)
  2. Make sure that the Host Personality is configured in Purity//FA.
  3. Try VMware KB Cannot extend datastore through vCenter Server (1011754)

If none of these references fix the issue, please open a VMware Support case and reach out to Pure Storage Support for further assistance.