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How-to: Identifying the LUN from the NAA Identifier

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You may need to identify the LUN (Logical Unit Number) from a NAA (Network Addressing Authority) identifier for a number of processes. (One or more numbers may reside between the first set of six digits and the last set of 24 digits). 


The LUN serial number is included as part of the NAA. From the serial number, you can then identify the LUN ID.

The first six digits in an NAA refer to Pure Storage. The last 24 digits refer to the LUN’s serial number. 

Example NAA: naa.624a9370a78e6e1d4bacd0960001001a

In the above example:

The first six digits, 624a937, highlighted in blue for emphasis, is the identifier for Pure Storage, verifying its origin in a Pure Storage device.

The last 24 digits, a78e6e1d4bacd0960001001a, highlighted in green for emphasis.

(In the example, one digit resides between the two sets of digits that are relevant here).

From a list of pure storage volumes, identify the LUN ID from the serial number. For example, if you were to identify the LUN ID from the serial number above, you could enter the following command:

pureuser-ct0:~# purevol list 

This result would follow:

 CLFDEV01_26 2T - 2014-05-27 15:05:41 EDT A78E6E1D4BACD0960001001A

Of this result, the first section of digits, CLFDEV01_26, is the LUN ID, which corresponds to both the serial number and the NAA.

For information on identifying LUN IDs from a FlashArray, see Identifying LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers) from Purity to Correlate to a Host.