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Provisioning VMs on a Pure Volume When Error for No Space Occurs

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The customer is unable to provision new VMs on a new pure volume, even though the volume is not full and after increasing the volume size.

In this example, the Pure datastore shows only 52% full on the ESXi host. See attached "Puredatastore" screenshot.

~ # df -h

Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on

VMFS-5      41.0T  21.2T     19.8T  52% /vmfs/volumes/puredatastore

The Pure FlashArray shows the volume is provisioned 41TB but only a total of 1.2TB is used with a high data reduction ratio.

purevol list --space
Name                                        Size     Thin Provisioning  Data Reduction  Total Reduction  Volume   Snapshots  Shared Space  System  Total  
VM_Storage                                  41T      73%                7.9 to 1        30.2 to 1        939.07G  287.75G    -             -       1.20T  

The error in the VMkernel log shows:

FS3DM: 2004: status No space left on device copying 1 extents between two files, bytesTransferred = 0 extentsTransferred: 0".


The customer is unable to provision larger size VMs on a Pure datastore mounted to the ESXi host. Creating a VM which is 10G of size works, but creating a 30GB VM fails.


Follow the solution provided in VMware KB to gather the output and troubleshoot this issue:

vmkfstools -P -v 10 /vmfs/volumes/datastore_name

The following output shows that the datastore is running low on the pointer (Ptr) blocks or inodes, which is why it is full.

~ # vmkfstools -P -v 10 /vmfs/volumes/puredatastore/
VMFS-5.60 file system spanning 1 partitions.
File system label (if any): puredatastore
Mode: public ATS-only
Capacity 45079708303360 (42991360 file blocks * 1048576), 21463906123776 (20469576 blocks) avail, max file size 69201586814976
Volume Creation Time: Wed Aug 13 06:40:01 2014
Files (max/free): 130000/116451
Ptr Blocks (max/free): 64512/245
Sub Blocks (max/free): 32000/29350
Secondary Ptr Blocks (max/free): 256/256
File Blocks (overcommit/used/overcommit %): 0/22521784/0
Ptr Blocks  (overcommit/used/overcommit %): 0/64267/0
Sub Blocks  (overcommit/used/overcommit %): 0/2650/0
Volume Metadata size: 1023770624
UUID: 53eb0841-1faf6578-b865-ecf4bbc519f8
Logical device: 53eb083d-9bd41bc0-17ca-ecf4bbc519f8
Partitions spanned (on "lvm"):
Is Native Snapshot Capable: YES
OBJLIB-LIB: ObjLib cleanup done.

There is not enough Ptr blocks to satisfy a larger VM which require more PTR blocks. The solution would be to do the following:

1. Delete some of the VMs / files (or templates) from the datastore to release some of the ptr blocks so more VMs can be created. 
2 Create a new datastore and create new VMs on that datastore.

This can be a fairly common issue with larger datastores (30+tb in size) and typically the work is by having multiple datastores around 30TB in size.