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How To: Upgrading SRA Version

This KB covers the process of Upgrading an existing SRA installed in Site Recovery Manager.

Process Overview

The process to upgrading an existing SRA is straight forward.  

  • Download the SRA package from the VMware marketplace
  • Copy the SRA installer to the SRM servers that are paired
  • Run the SRA installer
  • From SRM rescan the Storage Replication Adapters for both Sites
  • The upgrade process is complete, nothing more to do

Process Walkthrough

Here is the process for upgrading an existing SRA installed in SRM. SRA 2.0.8 will be getting upgraded to 3.0.14

In this Example, the current SRA version that is installed is 2.0.8.
From the Program and Features page we can see that SRA 2.0.8 is installed.
Navigate to the Pure SRA Installer and double click on the Installer.
The Installer will pop up, continue through the Installer Process.
Accept the License Agreement and Continue
Click on Install Now and the Installer will update/replace the existing SRA package that is installed (essentially upgrading SRA).
The Install is complete, Click Finish to close the Installer.
After refreshing the Program and Features, the SRA version will show updated to 3.0.
From SRM navigate to the Site Pair then "Configure -> Array Based Replication -> Storage Replication Adapters"
Then click on the Rescan Adapters for both Sites
After the Rescan completes the SRA version will update to 3.0.14 for both Sites.


From this point the SRA has been upgraded and there is no more steps to follow for this site pair.  Should the SRM Environment have multiple SRM Pairs, be sure to upgrade the plugin for each SRM Server Pair if desired.