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What's New with Pure Storage and VMware

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Curious about what's new for Pure Storage and VMware? You've come to the right place!

This will list blogs, videos, KB articles, integrations, certifications, etc that relate to or consist of VMware/Pure Storage content.



New content for the calendar year of 2023.


New content for the calendar year of 2022.


New content for the calendar year of 2021.


Pure Storage and VMware have found an issue with vSphere 7.0U3 and 7.0U3a with Purity//FA versions 5.3.12 or lower, 6.0.4 or lower, and 6.1.0 or lower, where VASA operations will fail with a vendor specific error saying that there are duplicate keys found for the request.  Please check what versions of Purity your FlashArray's are running before planning upgrades of your vSphere environment to 7.0U3 or 7.0U3a.

This issue is resolved in Purity versions above the listed affected versions and VMware is working to push a fix in vSphere to revert the change to 7.0U3 that introduced this issue.  Please see this KB for more information.


New content for the calendar year of 2020.