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Pure1 Support Portal

Virtual Volumes (VVols)


  • Purity 5.0.0 or later
  • FlashArray 400 Series, FlashArray//M, FlashArray//X
  • vCenter 6.5 or later
  • ESXi 6.5 or later
  • Configure NTP for VMware environment and FlashArray


VMware Compatibility Guide Link: 

  1. Introducing vSphere Virtual Volumes on the FlashArray
  2. Oracle and FlashArray Virtual Volumes
  3. VVols: A Whole New World for SQL Server Virtualization
  4. Moving from an RDM to a VVol
  5. Comparing VVols to VMDKs and RDMs
  6. VVol Data Mobility: Data from Virtual to Physical
  7. Do thin VVols perform better than thin VMDKs?
  8. What is a Config VVol Anyways?
  9. VVol Bindings Explained
  10. Importing a VVol Snapshot with PowerCLI
  11. Recovering a Deleted Virtual Machine with VVols
  12. Queue Depth Limits and VVol Protocol Endpoints
VVols is an integration and management framework for external storage introduced with vSphere 6.5. VVols in Purity 5.x delivers many benefits for virtualized environments. Effortlessly streamline storage operations such as Pure's efficient snapshots and replication through Storage Policy Based Management at per-VM level granularity; automate compliance checking of assigned data services; rapid deleted volume recovery; and flexibility to move VMs and their data as needed.