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Recommended settings for Splunk SmartStore

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This document covers the recommended indexes.conf settings for Splunk SmartStore on Pure Storage FlashBlade.  Any other S3 specific parameters not referred to here except the encryption-related settings are assumed to have the default value.

If you are looking for the best practices for Splunk SmartStore on Pure Storage, it can be found here.

Recommended indexes.conf settings

storageType = remote
path = s3://<bucket name>
# The following S3 settings are required only if you’re using the access and secret
# keys. They are not needed if you are using AWS IAM roles.
remote.s3.access_key = <access key of the account that holds the bucket>
remote.s3.secret_key = <secret key of the account that holds the bucket>
remote.s3.endpoint = http://<FlashBlade-data-vip>
remote.s3.supports_versioning = false
remote.s3.list_objects_version = v2

remotePath = volume:remote_store/$_index_name
repFactor = auto
homePath = <home path specification>