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SAP HANA Storage Replication with FlashArray

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SAP HANA and ActiveCluster

Purity ActiveCluster provides the highest levels of business continuity by providing transparent failover between arrays and 0 RT0/RPO active/active clustered storage. ActiveCluster is implemented for SAP HANA provides disaster recovery support for storage replication solutions, ActiveCluster is considered a storage replication solution offering synchronous replication capabilities.  

ActiveCluster can only be used with SAP HANA where the distance between the primary and backup site is relatively short, allowing for sub-millisecond round-trip latencies. 

Further information on SAP HANA Storage replication can be found in the SAP HANA Administration Guide for SAP HANA Platform.

Further information on ActiveCluster can be found in the ActiveCluster Solution Overview.

Here are some possible scenarios for SAP HANA using ActiveCluster , each can be implemented for both Scale Up and Scale Out landscapes. 

Storage Availability 


Storage and Compute Availability. 

In the event of a disaster, the secondary standby SAP HANA instance needs to be brought up manually. Please see SAP HANA Host Failover with ActiveCluster for more information. 


Implementing Third Site Disaster Recovery 

In the event of a disaster where both arrays in the first synchronous replication pair have been lost, it is possible to recover to a third site when using asynchronous replication (the replication of storage snapshots). If using application consistent data snapshots please see Recovering from Data Snapshots with SAP HANA StudioRecovering from Data Snapshots with SAP HANA Cockpit, or Crash Consistent SAP HANA Snapshots on FlashArray


SAP HANA and ActiveDR

Purity ActiveDR is a near synchronous replication technique available in FlashArray//X and FlashArray//C. It provides near 0 Recovery Point Objective capabilities while not affecting response times. Volumes on the Active System can be read and written from while promoted and volumes on the disaster recovery system are read only until promoted. 

Failover or migration to the disaster recovery system is achieved by demoting the Active Systems volumes, promoting the Disaster Recovery Systems volumes, attaching them to the Standby SAP HANA system, and then starting the instance. 

Further information can be found on Active DR in the ActiveDR Installation Planning and Best Practices Guide



SAP HANA and Asynchronous Replication 

Asynchronous replication is the replication of storage snapshots from one FlashArray or Cloud Block Store instance to another. With SAP HANA it is possible to create crash consistent and application consistent storage snapshots. Creating the storage snapshot inside a protection group allows for the storage snapshot to be offloaded or replicated asynchronously. 

Further Information on Asynchronous Replication can be found in the FlashArray Asynchronous Replication Best Practices Guide.