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How To Collect Switch Information for Troubleshooting

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Sometimes Pure Storage Support needs to review switch data during performance troubleshooting. The majority of performance problems we've experienced have roots in the SAN topology, configuration, or due to degraded physical connections. Switch data is the most effective available tool for quickly ascertaining problem sources.


Both Brocade and Cisco require an ssh client with logging abilities. Here's how to collect that data on various OSes. 


Using putty:

  1. Enter the IP or hostname of the Cisco or Brocade switch:
  2. Make sure logging is turned on for "All session output" and then save the resulting putty.log file to a location of your choice. It is helpful to make the log something relevant  unlike my example..:
  3. For Brocade run the command supportshow
  4. For Cisco run the command show tech-support details


  1. Launch the application "Terminal" (depress the command key and the space bar to open Spotlight, type ter, and the terminal will launch)
  2. SSH to your Brocade or Cisco switch:
    1. For Brocade run supportshow 
    2. For Cisco run show tech-support details
  3. When the command completes, just save the text with ⌘S. Or go to the Shell menu and click "Export Text As.."
  4. Save it your desktop


  1. ssh from the command line to the switch using the tee command redirecting the output to a file.
    For example:
    ssh admin@ | tee /home/user/switchlogs_date_time
  2. For Brocade run the command supportshow
  3. For Cisco run the command show tech-support details
  4. Exit the ssh session then go to your home directory and retrieve the switchlogs_date_time file. 

When you have your putty log or your terminal text exported, zip it up and attach it to email. These are text files and almost always small enough to email.

If however, you are unable to send it, see Uploading Files to Pure Storage for information on sending it to us via FTPS.