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Oracle Database Quick Reference

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Quick References: Best Practices

Configuring an Oracle database on Pure Storage cannot be any simpler as the below storage level factors are neither relevant nor significant on Pure Storage FlashArray due to flash's unique capabilities and Purity Operating environment's design.

Factors Relevancy Details
Stripe Width and Depth Automatic Purity Operating environment automatically distributes data across all drives in the array.
RAID Level Automatic Pure Storage uses RAID-HA, designed specifically to protect against the 3 failure modes specific to flash storage: device failure, bit errors, and performance variability.
O.S & DB block size No preferred size

Pure Storage is based on a fine-grained 512 byte geometry and as such there are no block alignment issues and performance is completely independent of block size (both database and redo logs).

An added benefit is a substantially higher deduplication rate than any other storage systems that offers data reduction 

ASM vs File System Insignificant

No significant performance benefit to using ASM over a traditional file system and can certainly be driven by your operational policies and guidelines.  

Intelligent Data Placement Insignificant Purity operating environment has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the flash's unique capabilities as they are not constrained by the disk paradigm anymore and as such "hot" and "cold" disk platter placements are not relevant.

ASM/File System Specific Recommendations

In Pure Storage FlashArray, IOPS is not a function of LUN count. You get the same IOPS capacity with 1 LUN as you do with 100. Of course, it is convenient to monitor database performance by I/O type across data, log, and temp, we recommend creating separate ASM disk groups or file systems dedicated to these individual workloads.

ASM Specific Recommendations

Given that Pure Storage FlashArray includes RAID-HA protection, you can safely use External Redundancy for ASM diskgroups.  Also as like the other storage factors that were discussed above, sector size and AU size do not have a significant bearing on performance.

Disk Group Sector Size Stripe AU size Redundancy Notes
ORACRS 512 COARSE 1MB External Small disk group for CRS
ORADATA 512 COARSE 1 MB External Database disk group
ORAREDO 512 COARSE 1 MB External Redo logs
ORAFRA 512 COARSE 1 MB External Flash Recovery Area


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