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Ops Manager Configuration: S3 Snapshot Store On FlashBlade™ Object Store

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Ops Manager is a MongoDB infrastructure management software which provides database backup capabilities for replica sets and sharded clusters. As a part of the MongoDB Enterprise backup, Ops Manager can store MongoDB snapshots on three different types of storage (snapshot stores):

  • File System Storage
  • MongoDB BlockStore
  • AWS S3 Bucket

Besides AWS S3 bucket, Ops Manager also supports S3-compatible endpoints such as FlashBlade object store.

Detailed backup process flow is described in MongoDB documentation - see

Ops Manager Configuration

In order to configure FlashBlade as an Ops Manager S3 blockstore, navigate to "Admin" section. See Figure 1.


Figure 1.

In "Global Admin" window select Backup ➤ Snapshot Storage ➤ Create New S3 Blockstore

The process of configuring Ops Manager to use FlashBlade Object Store requires the following information:

  • S3 Bucket Name - bucket name on FlashBlade
  • S3 Endpoint - URL for FlashBlade data VIP  in the following format http://w.x.y.z
  • AWS Access Key - FlashBlade Access Key ID for an object store account 
  • AWS Secret Key - FlashBlade Secret Access Key for an object store account
  • <hostname>:<port> - Hostname and port for standalone MongoDB S3 blockstore metadata database; for replica set, enter comma-separated list of replica set members
  • MongoDB username and password - configuration dependent
  • Check S3 compatible storage support acknowledgment
  • Verify "Assignment Enabled" box is selected

See Figure 2.


Figure 2.

Once all the required fields are populated click Save. OpsManager will validate the endpoint connectivity and save the configuration.

MongoDB Ops Manager Documentation