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Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

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  • Systems Center Operations Manager versions 2012R2, 2016, or 2019.
  • FlashArray Purity version 4.7.0 or later.

Release Information

Click on the Release version number to go to the download repository.

A critical issue has been identified in the prior releases and If you are running either of these versions, please update to the latest version when possible. 


Manuals, Notes, and Links

User Manual is available in GitHub

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where duplicate alerts might be added to SCOM.

User Manual

Release Notes

New Features

  • Added a configuration parameter to disable logging to the array. This decreases the amount of log entries related to the Management Pack operations.
  • Utility PowerShell module added to package and released as Open Source in this Github Repository
  • Allow bulk overrides of SCOM overridable configuration parameters.
  • Allow for the bulk changing of thresholds in Rules, Monitors, and Discoveries.


  • Fixed issue with SDK request timings for slow queries and responses. (PurePowerShellSDK v1.17.16.0)
  • Fixed resource leak problems that were triggered by running some rules, monitors and/or discovery tasks.
  • Corrected the Pure Storage SCOM support link visible in the alerts.
  • Corrected measurement unit issues in Bandwidth and IOPS monitor and rule.
  • Updated the default threshold value of the Bandwidth and IOPS monitors.
  • Fixed some incorrect alert messages.
  • Added alert messages for the Alert Rule Monitor and the Port Health Monitor.
  • Fixed issue with Discovery regex pattern that would not allow more than one array to be added to the MP (from v1.2.5.0)

Known Issues

  • Due to a current FlashArray limitation, File Services virtual interfaces (filevif) are either not discovered or are shown as disconnected or down. This is expected to be resolved in a upcoming release.

  • The management pack currently does not work with SCOM Resource Pools or targeting individual member servers in a Management Group. This will be addressed in a future revision.

  • This version has not been tested in Azure Stack environments.

  • This version will report a DirectFlash Shelf (DFS) controller as unhealthy and may show it in a Critical state. This will be resolved in the next release. These releases have been removed due to the discovery of a critical issue and are no longer supported.  If you have either installed, please upgrade to the latest release when possible.

User Manual

Please note: The following are corrections to the User Guide:

  • Under the section titled "Arrays by Latency"
    • "Read: Read latency, in milliseconds" should be "Read: Read latency, in microseconds".
    • "Write: Write latency, in milliseconds" should be "Write: Write latency, in microseconds".

New Features

  • Version 1.1 adds some fixes and two important features, Port Monitoring and an easy Rule Override. Ports which include both Fibre Channel and Ethernet Ports are now monitored and will cause; an alert, a SCOM event, and flag a warning in the Ports FlashArray Object, if administratively disabled or if there is a break in the connection. Original release

Installation and Uninstall

  • To install the Management Pack, download and run the installation MSI, and follow the instructions.
  • The software can be uninstalled from the “Programs and Features” option in the Control Panel.

Additional Resources and Scripts

The Pure Storage OpenConnect SCOM Scripts GitHub repository contains utility and diagnostic scripts to assist with diagnostic, troubleshooting, and configuration issues. Click here to go to the repository.

Rule Override and Port Monitoring Example

This applies to version and later of the Management Pack.

Overriding rules can be as simple as, preventing alerts on a known port that an administrator disabled, to customizing a rule timeout such as bandwidth thresholds. For more information on how to create overrides in SCOM, please refer to these articles from Microsoft - Article 1   Article 2 

In this example, CT0.ETH7 is disabled at the Ethernet Switch and enabling IgnoreDisabledPorts will prevent an alert on this port. If this override was applied globally, all ports that are disabled would not alert.



Selecting a property to set an override value.