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Microsoft Integrations - Additional Resource Repositories

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Microsoft Integrations for FlashArray Resource Repositories

The Pure storage Microsoft Solutions team for FlashArray maintains several GitHub repositories that contain additional resources for the integration we support. in these repositories, you will find:

  • Diagnostic, troubleshooting, and configuration scripts
  • Integration documentation, addendums, release notes, etc.
  • 3rd Party and Open Source Community contributions
  • And much more...

You can find the resources in the PureStorage-OpenConnect GitHub repositories. Once there, search on your keyword of interest. Some example keywords would include SSMS, VSS, SCOM, SQL, etc. You can also find a specific integration repository by going to our website and clicking on the topic card for the integration you want to view which will take you directly to the repository.

We invite everyone including customers, partners, and the public community to contribute to these repositories by:

  • creating Pull Requests (PRs) which are submissions to contribute code, documentation, or files to the repository. if your not familiar with how to do a Pull Request, you can find helpful information in this documentation and in this great video from Scott Hanselman.
  • submitting issues on the integration code or documentation. These could include bugs, clarifications, enhancement and feature requests, or providing assistance with someone else's issues
  • and finally contributing to discussions. Communication is key and we want to hear all about your use cases, problems, solutions, and anything else you feel you want to add that pertains to the integration.

Be advised that you must abide by and agree to the Code of Conduct when contributing to the repositories.

We also invite everyone to join our Pure Code Slack Team where we chat about all  things API, SDK, scripting, automation, and more. Invitations are available so sign up now!