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How-To: Access and Update Help for the PowerShell SDK

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This article applies to all versions of the PowerShell SDK. 

The Pure Storage PowerShell SDK help is accessible using the Get-Help cmdlet provided by Windows PowerShell. The help information is also available dynamically and can be updated when new help context is made available.

Accessing Help

To access help for an individual cmdlet perform the following:

Get-Help <cmdlet_name>

After executing the Get-Help cmdlet, the help information will be displayed in the Windows PowerShell console.  There are four different options for viewing help:

  1. -Basic - Shows only the essential information for the cmdlet
  2. -Examples -- Shows only examples of how to use a cmdlet.
  3. -Detailed -- Shows all information related to the cmdlet.
  4. -Full -- Shows full parameter information, detailed information and examples.

Here is an example of using Get-Help Get-Pfa2Array -Detailed (if using version 1.x of the SDK, substitute Get-PfaArray)


Here is an example of Get-Help New-Pfa2Array -Examples (if using version 1.x of the SDK, substitute New-PfaArray)


Updating Help

PowerShell provides the capability to provide dynamically updateable help context for cmdlets and modules. As a best practice, Microsoft recommends running the Update-Help cmdlet periodically to ensure you have the latest versions available of the cmdlet help content. You can also update help for individual cmdlets, all cmdlets, and even update help when you are not connected to the internet. You can view more details on how to use the Update-Help cmdlet at the Microsoft Documentation site located at this link.

To update the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK version 2 help content, use the command:

 Update-Help -Module PureStoragePowerShellSDK2

To update the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK version 1 help content, use the command:

 Update-Help -Module PureStoragePowerShellSDK