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KB: SCOM Management Pack Firewall Port Requirements

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Required Firewall Ports

If the SCOM Management Servers have either of the following issues, please ensure the correct firewall ports are open as indicated below:

  • The SCOM Management Servers have Operations Manager event log entries that indicate they cannot connect or have loss of connectivity to the FlashArray.
  • The SCOM Management Servers cannot connect via a browser to the FlashArray.

Applies to

Pure Storage FlashArray SCOM Management Pack - All versions


  • The proper firewall ports are not open between the SCOM Management Servers and the monitored FlashArrays. The required bidirectional ports are:
    • tcp 22 (SSH) - This port is used to execute CLI commands on the FlashArray related to Alerts.
    • tcp 443 (HTTPS) - This port is used for all PowerShell cmdlets.


  • Open the required firewall ports of tcp 22 and tcp 443.
  • Note: If SCOM Management Groups are used in the SCOM environment, the bidirectional ports must be opened between all SCOM Management Servers that are in the SCOM Management Group.

Additional Information

  • This KB article contains a link to a script that can provide more diagnostic information including detecting whether the ports are open or closed.