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Exchange Sizing: PowerShell Script

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Download the PowerShell Script for quickly accessing IOPS, Capacity, and number of Exchange Servers = e2016rtl.ps1


  1. Open powershell and run the script -           .\e2016rtl.ps1
  2. Select the Microsoft Role Requirements Calculator in the File Open Menu.clipboard_e017b8f1ae4306342f7d6a755c89a43f3.png
  3. The script will output the information in the primary site, and secondary site if applicable.clipboard_e275a38ace174aa0e45247016e3468868.png

In v2 of the script I am working on calculating the COMPUTE requirements to suggest a reduction in the number of Exchange Servers by maximizing the core count (up to 24) and RAM (up to 192GB) installed in the server.