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Using Previous Versions with Windows Server


Multiple versions of Windows client and server support the ability to restore previous versions of files and/or folders that are created as part of a backup operation on the Windows host (Eg. Windows 10, Windows Server 2016). A Shadow Copy can be created of a specific drive using Windows Task Scheduling that will take a snapshot of the selected volume that is connected to the Windows host. For full details see Shadow Copies of Shared Folders article on TechNet.

Supporting this feature is an out-of-the-box feature with Windows. This feature does not leverage any Pure Storage FlashArray Snapshots as restore points for the Previous Versions. This feature can be used with connected Pure Storage volumes to a specific Windows Server host. Below are the steps to configure this core feature of Windows. 

Steps to Enable

In the example below "Previous Versions (E:)" is a Pure Storage volume that is connected to a physical Windows Server host. 

1. Right-click the volume, Eg. "Previous Versions (E:)", then select Configure Shadow Copies... menu item. 


2. The Shadow Copies dialog is opened showing any Shadow Copies for different disks on the Windows host. In this example the E:\ is the focus as it is a Pure Storage connected volume. The screenshot below shows three (3) shadow copies of the selected volume E:\. This dialog also provides the ability to create a shadow copy now using the Create Now button.  


3. Click Settings from the above dialog will open up the specific Settings for the selected volume. The Schedule button allows you to set a specific Task Schedule to automatically handle taking shadow copies of the specific volume.