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Scanning for LUN's in Linux

  1. Find the FC Controllers with the following command, the host identifier will be used later:
    # ls /sys/class/fc_host
    host6 host7 host8 host9
  2. If this is a new LUN created on Pure, this can be scanned without rebooting the initiator host.  On Linux, issue a link initialization with the following command for scanning new luns: 
    # echo 1 > /sys/class/fc_host/<host>/issue_lip

    Where <host> will be a directory corresponding to your HBA port and is configured automatically by the kernel

  3. To rescan for existing luns, issue the following command where <host> corresponds to /sys/class/fc_host/* for HBAs.

    # echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/<host>/scan

    NOTEExecute this rescan command to each corresponding FC host# in the SCSI class. 

  4. If the system uses Linux multipathd, reset it
    # multipath -F
    # service multipathd restart
    # multipath -v 1
  5. Check the paths
    multipath -l