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Pure AIX ODM Release History

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A changelog of what has changed from version to version. AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is a proprietary Unix operating system.


Pure AIX Release Changes Fixed incorrect checksum for in inventory. Cleanup of the odmadd file to be IBM happy. Add lbp_enalbed to the ODM definition to allow SCSI unmap on file deletion. Add timeout_policy to the device attributes of PURE volumes. Use fail_path as the default value. It was incorrect in to use "enabled" as the default for hcheck_mode. If Purity is down when the initiator reboots then when Purity is restarted and "enabled" is used those paths won't come back up. JIRA:PURE-119153. Adjust the health check command, interval, and mode so that paths will properly react in syncrep when we might have ports up but can't serve data. Interval moves to 10 seconds. The command is changed to test unit ready from inquiry since test unit ready will return an error if the asymmetric state is UNAVAILABLE or STANDBY but inquiry always succeeds. The mode is changed from nonactive to enabled since we want the path checker to run on all paths independent of I/O. Make shortest_queue the default algorithm for the MPIO path policy. This version will not install on any version before AIX 6.1. It also will check that if the version is 6.1 the technology level is at least 9, or if it is 7.1 the technology level is at least 3. Versions before these technology levels do not have the shortest_queue option so it can not be made the default. Add the shortest_queue algorithm to the path properties of an hdisk. This will make the host ignore path priorities if they got set by something else. The default will remain round_robin, but a chdev to the shortest queue is allowed. Change the health check timeout to 10 seconds from 60 seconds

Fixes 2 problems

  1. There was a reference to Hitachi in the lpp_name file. I don't think that it was customer exposed but it does show that I might have borrowed much of this.
  2. Changed the max_transfer to 4MB. This fixes a problem with 'chvg -g' when the max_transfer was greater than the read/write block size the array could support. The old value was 16MB which led to PURE-8930.

Initial ODM definition that works.