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IntelliSnap is a data protection solution that integrates FlashArray snapshot technology with applications and hypervisors, eliminating the need for users to create and maintain scripts. IntelliSnap provides scheduling, retention, snapshot indexing, recovery workflows, and more.

Commvault adds orchestration and functional value on top of the Pure Storage® FlashBlade//S™ with Cohesity® Snapshot technology with the IntelliSnap™ technology snapshot management feature set. IntelliSnap technology streamlines and simplifies snapshot management by centralizing snapshot management across one or many storage arrays; automating object, application and database recovery; and linking snapshots to backup processes. IntelliSnap technology quiesces applications or systems, triggers the storage array-based snapshot, and returns the system to a fully operational state within minutes. By incorporating and linking snapshots with backup and archive operations, software makes more online and offline copies available for recovery while reducing data protection’s impact on production systems. IntelliSnap technology harnesses the power of array-based snapshots to accelerate backup and recovery. The FlashRecover Snapshots that IntelliSnap creates are space-efficient, thereby making it economical to maintain an extended library of application-consistent point-in-time copies. FlashRecover Snapshots can copied instantly with full performance to enable rapid recovery. 

In-depth instructions on the configuration, setup and use of the CommVault IntelliSnap technology and software is beyond the scope of this paper. For additional details, please refer to Commvault documentation.