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File Share RPC issue after KB5012599 install

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Microsoft has released update KB5012599 to address CVE-2022-26809.  After the update is applied, that computer will not be able to list FA File shares (browsing to server), and will be completely unable to use any feature of Computer Management.   Accessing shares directly (\\server\share) will still work as expected. We are actively working with Microsoft in order to resolve this issue and we recommend that you do not apply this Windows update until then.

If the update must be applied, Pure Storage has developed a workaround for the issue introduced with KB5012599.  Please contact support and upgrade to a version of purity containng the workaround prior to the install of KB5012599.

Affected Versions

All FlashArray running Purity 6.0.9, 6.1.16, 6.2.8, 6.3.0 and prior running File Services with Windows clients that have KB5012599 installed.

Fixed versions

The Pure developed workaround is present in Purity 6.0.10, 6.1.17, 6.2.9, 6.3.1 and later releases.