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Security Resources

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Security Documentation 

Our Security features are documented across various Product Documentation on our site. Here's a quick reference to our various Security sections.

FlashArray Security Documentation

Additional Reference:

FlashBlade Security Documentation

Customers should feel comfortable that their data is stored safely. Here is some documentation on FlashBlade Security.

All blades that are returned to Pure undergo a stress test which erases and overwrites the data in every block within the NAND. Any blade that does not pass the stress test (broken, too worn, etc) is destroyed. We also offer a non-return option. This is more expensive to the customer as Pure does not get the blade returned. The support process for determining broken parts is the same except the customer would be responsible for the destruction of the non-returned part.

Additional Reference:

Pure1 Security Documentation
Portworx Security Documentation
Enterprise Security Documentation

Flash Array Security Whitepapers 

The technical reports in this series provide in depth information of FlashArray technology.

FlashArray Security Whitepapers