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Pure Technical Services

How to Report a Security Incident

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If you suspect that you have a Pure Storage security emergency, contact Pure Storage Technical Support.  Pure Storage responds quickly to attacks in progress and works with your staff to develop an incident response plan that minimizes the effect of current and future attacks.

Support Escalation - How To Escalate a Case 

If you believe that you may have been actively exploited, please call +1(866) 244-7121 and request for a Severity 1 case to be created. 

For all other requests for assistance that are not an active Severity 1 / outage/ critical issue, please contact Pure Storage Technical Services for assistance.

If calling from outside the US here is a list of phone numbers:  Pure Storage customers can escalate cases in the following ways:

  • Call Pure Storage Support and ask to speak with the Support Manager on Duty.  

  • PHONE (US) +1 (866) 244-7121 or +1 (650) 729-4088


  • Click the escalation link on one of the case emails. Every email from Pure Storage Support displays the following question near the bottom, including a dynamic link: “Not satisfied with the handling of this case? Click here to escalate.”

  • In the upper right-hand Pure1 Case Portal, click Escalate:

Please also see:  Customer Escalation Procedures for additional information.