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Pure Technical Services

Environmental Health Security and Safety Policy

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Pure Storage recognizes the trust that our customers place in us and we are committed to being responsible for ensuring that Pure's infrastructure is well planned and resourced to be able meet our customer's needs both now and into the future, regardless of any unplanned events that . 

To that end, Pure has established the following polices to address our critical infrastructure, business continuity and compliance needs and obligations: 


Permanent Office Security:  Offices are secured by card access systems, the use and access are monitored thru Corporate Facilities and 3rd Party Providers. Mission Critical and rooms that store sensitive information are also managed via card reader and have restricted access lists. Entry / Exit doors are also monitored via CCTV systems. After hours security and nightly security rounds are managed thru local landlords. 

​Regus / Managed Service Office​ Security:  Hard keys ​are issued at the local office, building security measures include requiring a keypad or access card for entry to the floor after hours and on weekends. Outside operating hours, there is normally an access card entry or security onsite. 

Data Center Security: Data Centers are secured via dual authenticated biometric access systems, fingerprinting and code access. The spaces are monitored thru local Data Center security staff which is on site 24/7/365. 


Permanent Office Safety: For Permanent locations, fire drills and evacuations are managed by local landlords and are performed at least once annually, dependent of Local Fire Codes. First Aid Safety training is held shortly after occupancy, and floor wardens are designated. First Aid Kits are provided as part of Office Fit up.  

Regus/Managed Service Office: Depending on the region/country, fire drills are held at intervals required by the local Fire Marshall's (in the US it’s normally either quarterly or twice a year).  Each Regus site has an assigned fire warden, who are responsible that all clients and staff are safely evacuated and accounted for. Regus also have first aid kits and disaster kits onsite. 

Data Center Safety: Fire drills and evacuations are managed by the local provider. First Aid Kits are provided on site. 

Compliance with Laws 

Pure Storage, Inc. (“Pure”) is committed to conducting its business ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the conduct of Pure's business. Questions about compliance issues at Pure should be directed to Joe FitzGerald, Vice President, Legal at

At Pure, we have a responsibility to act ethically and honorably in our interactions with our fellow employees, in our dealings with partners in the markets where we conduct business, in our efforts to protect the company’s assets and reputation for our shareholders; and in our undertakings within our communities. 

We are expected to act with integrity, which means: 

  • be honest and ethical in all of our dealings;  
  • comply with all laws and seek help in cases of uncertainty;  
  • adhere to all Pure procedures and business processes;  
  • be respectful of others;  
  • be accountable, responsible and meet commitments; and  
  • do what is right. 

Pure employees and partners are encouraged to reach out to Pure management, Pure People Operations, or Pure Legal to address any questions about Pure compliance obligations or to report actual or suspected violations of this policy.