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KB: Some arrays may return column data differently based on REST response

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Applies to 

Pure Storage PowerShell SDK version 1.x


Depending on the cmdlet used, the REST API on the array may return data in column format. In some cases, that data may be formatted differently depending on how the REST returns the response. This does not affect data being returned in row format.

As an example:

C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PfaArrayAttributes -Array $array1

revision                  version array_name     id
--------                  ------- ----------     --
202105062025+d14c1e011b82 6.1.6   sn1-x70-e04-27 c9d458ec-d0d7-43e9-8802-7336d202138c

C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-PfaArrayAttributes -Array $array2

array_name     id                                   version revision
----------     --                                   ------- --------
sn1-x70-e04-30 f5a939e6-fe9e-422e-b39a-ae38f01dd807 6.2.4   202112162341+e3ea2c2d1e8b


There is no resolution at this time. The data returned is accurate and not affected. Using the -Verbose parameter switch when executing the command will show the order that the REST API is returning the data.

Additional Information

None at this time.