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Portworx Enterprise Professional (PEP) Certification

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As a Pure Certified Portworx Enterprise Professional, you’ll demonstrate your ability to architect cluster operations, security, troubleshooting, business continuity, and Kubernetes container storage. Be the best asset to your company and help them simplify their container storage forever, with Portworx by Pure.

Exam Preparation

All on-demand courses are currently available at no charge through the Pure Academy with a login ID and password. Register for instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) through your Pure Partner or Channel Account Manager.

See the Pure Certified Portworx Enterprise Professional Prep Course Overview for more details.

Exam Content Outline

The exam itself consists of 60 multiple choice scored questions with a 150 minute time limit, covering the following topics:

1 Design and Architecture 20%
1.01 Define the prerequirements for Portworx to be deployed to a cluster  
1.02 Describe requirements to configure Cloud Drives  
1.03 Describe the deployment architectures supported by Portworx  
1.04 Given a configuration requirement, what changes need to be made to the Storage Cluster Spec  
1.05 Describe the purpose and placement of the control-plane and data-plane  
1.06 Describe and utilize the supported deployment methods for Portworx  
2 Cluster Operations and Administration 25%
2.01 Utilize PXCTL to manage volumes  
2.02 Utilize Kubernetes to manage volumes  
2.03 Utilize snapshots on Kubernetes to prepare for an application upgrade  
2.04 Utilize PXCTL to manage snapshots  
2.05 Describe node maintenance operations  
2.06 Describe the procedures used to maintain a cluster  
3 Security 15%
3.01 Setup and manage PX-Secure using Kubernetes  
3.02 Utilize encrypted volumes in Kubernetes  
3.03 Manage volume access controls  
3.04 Understand security audit  
4 Observability and Troubleshooting 20%
4.01 Utilize Portworx Metrics for Monitoring  
4.02 Utilize Portworx Alerts to notify and configure the alert manager  
4.03 Identify typical errors with cluster operations  
4.04 Demonstrate collecting Portworx log and diagnostics information  
4.05 Demonstrate using Prometheus and Grafana to investigate cluster issues  
4.06 Troubleshoot errors during deployment and upgrades  
5 Business Continuity 20%
5.01 Identify the components and requirements to implement PX-DR or PX-Backup  
5.02 Configure PX-DR with asynchronous or synchronous replication for Kubernetes  
5.03 Deploy PX-Backup to be able to create backups & restores for Kubernetes  
5.04 Identify the STORK CRDs and commands used for application consistent backups and migrations  
5.05 Validate readiness for disaster recovery  

Exam Registration

Once you are ready, register for your exam at the Pure Storage Certification Shop Front, as outlined in Step 2 of our Certification Experience Guide.