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FlashBlade Implementation Specialist (FBIS) Certification

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Boost your career as a Pure Certified FlashBlade® Implementation Specialist with professional skills in pre-installation, installation, upgrades, and post-installation procedures. You’ll be qualified to implement Pure FlashBlade storage within a small, medium or enterprise environment, keeping the infrastructure reliable and resilient.

Exam Preparation

All on-demand courses are currently available at no charge through the Pure Academy with a login ID and password. Register for instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) through your Pure Partner or Channel Account Manager.

See the Pure Certified FlashBlade Implementation Specialist Prep Course Overview for more details.

Exam Content Outline

The exam itself consists of 60 multiple choice scored questions with a 150 minute time limit, covering the following topics:

1 Pre-Installation/Upgrade 20%
1.01 Verify the configuration and environment prerequisites for installation  
1.02 Apply procedural concepts to perform pre-installation tasks  
1.03 Apply procedural concepts to validate the Implementation Workbook data  
1.04 Verify correct hardware is onsite  
2 FlashBlade Single and Multi-Chassis Installation 30%
2.01 Demonstrate how to unpack, rack and stack a FlashBlade chassis at the customer site  
2.02 Prepare and execute the configuration and setup of FlashBlade  
3 Upgrade, Conversion, and Expansion 30%
3.01 Non-distruptively prepare and complete conversion and the addition of a new chassis to an existing multi-chassis production system  
3.02 Prepare and complete the addition of a new blade to an existing FlashBlade system  
3.03 Safely prepare and complete the evacuation and replacement of a blade from an existing FlashBlade system  
4 Post-Installation/Upgrade 20%
4.01 Apply procedural concepts needed to verify successful install/upgrade  
4.02 Perform a high-level product and GUI walkthrough  
4.03 Troubleshoot install/upgrade issues  

Exam Registration

Once you are ready, register for your exam at the Pure Storage Certification Shop Front, as outlined in Step 2 of our Certification Experience Guide.