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Certification Exam Accommodations

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The purpose of an assessment accommodation is to provide equal access to the examination process for applicants with disabilities.

Accommodation Policy

Accommodations are intended to lessen the impact of the applicant's functional limitation on the assessment process without:

  • Fundamentally altering the nature of the examination.
  • Compromising the security, validity, or reliability of the examination.
  • Providing an unfair advantage to the applicant with the disability.
  • Imposing an undue hardship on the agency.

You may request any accommodation as you see fit; our team will try our very best to allow the accommodation. Typical accommodations requests include:

  • Bringing food into the test environment.
  • Taking bathroom breaks.
  • Reading the exam aloud to yourself as you move through the exam.
  • Using a screen magnifier (note- extension-based applications are NOT supported).
  • Using JAWS, Voiceover (Mac), Narrator (Windows), etc.

Accomodation Request Form

To obtain an exam accommodation, please fill out the Accommodation Request Form

Accommodation Request Form_Updated 18 Jan 2024 Screenshot.PNG