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Understanding Public Preview Phase | Pure CBS with AVS

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Currently, the integration between Pure Cloud Block Store as a external storage solution for Azure VMware Solution is recognized as a feature in Public Preview phase. Following will explain what this means for you as a customer, including details about Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and production usage.


What is Public Preview Phase    



In Microsoft terminology, the Public Preview is one of the phases in an Azure service release cycle, where the service or feature is available to a broader audience for testing and feedback. During this period, the service is fully functional and can be used to meet your needs, but it may not have reached the level of stability and feature completeness that is aimed for in the General Availability (GA) stage.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

In the Public Preview phase, it's important to note that the Azure VMware Solution integration with Pure Cloud Block Store may not offer the same SLAs, including guaranteed uptime, as a fully released and fully supported service. Additionally, during the Public Preview period, the level of support for this integration from the Azure Support team may be limited. These limitations are due to the ongoing development and refinement of the integration to ensure its stability and reliability before reaching the GA stage.

In the context of using Pure Cloud Block Store (CBS) integration with Azure VMware Solution, it's important to clarify that the CBS deployment remains a standard deployment. Therefore, there is no impact on the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or support provided by Pure Storage for the Cloud Block Store storage itself.


Production Usage

While Public Preview is a suitable time to start using the integration Pure Cloud Block Store with Azure VMware Solution, it's important to exercise caution when considering its use for mission-critical or production workloads.

The feature is still in the testing and refinement stage, it's not recommended for critical production applications or services that require high availability.

Throughout the Public Preview phase, you can expect periodic release updates, the introduction of new features, and ongoing improvements. Be prepared for potential adjustments that might impact your workflows.


Next Phase- General Availability (GA)

Once this feature has undergone thorough testing, refinement, and the incorporation of valuable feedback, it will progress to the General Availability (GA) phase.
Stay informed by monitoring our support pages for the official announcement regarding the GA release of this feature.