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Pre-Deployment Checklist | Pure CBS on Azure

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For Deploying Pure Cloud Block Store On Azure

Deployment may fail if all the requirements are not met.

Before deploying Cloud Block Store, go through the following checklist:

  • IAM Roles
    Ensure you have the proper IAM roles for your user account. See the Azure IAM Roles section for details.
  • Outbound Internet Access
    Ensure there is internet access from the subnet used for the System interface. See the Internet Access section for details.
  • Service Endpoints
    Is there a Service Endpoint for CosmoDB and KeyVault for the subnet used by the System interface. See Service Endpoint section for details.
  • vCPU Quota
    Ensure that your max vCPU limits can accommodate Cloud Block Store instances. See Azure VM instance vCPU limits section for details.
  • License
    Have you retrieved your Evergreen//One (formerly Pure-As-A-Service) license from Pure1? Steps to retrieve license are here[1].

    If you have not purchased a license, there are multiple options to obtain a license key:

    1. Working with Pure Storage sales teams and Pure Storage partners to obtain a Evergreen//One subscription.
    2. Going directly to the Azure Marketplace to sign up for a subscription service.
    3. From version 6.1.10 and later, there is an option to use a special license key for a timed trial of CBS without obtaining a subscription/license through Pure or the Azure Marketplace.  For a full description and limitations, see here.
  • Enabled Subscription ID [2]
    Have you added your Azure subscription ID to Pure1? This is security feature to ensure only user approved Azure subscriptions are allowed to deploy Cloud Block Store. Instructions to register and whitelist Azure subscriptions are provide here[1].

► For deploying CBS version 6.5.0 and below - click here
  • Microsoft Entra ID Premium 2 license
    Does your tenant have an Microsoft Entra ID Premium 2 license? See Microsoft Entra ID P2 License section for details.

[1]Note: make sure you are logged into to view this page
[2]This requirement is applicable for Evergreen//One subscription or for Subscription license via Azure Marketplace only, not applicable for Trial license


If the above requirements have been met, proceed and deploy Cloud Block Store.