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Implementation Tutorial | Pure CBS on Azure

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Pure Storage's Cloud Block Store (CBS) is a software defined storage solution powered by the Purity Operating Environment (POE), which uses the native resources of Microsoft Azure to enhance storage services with enterprise features. This document provides detailed procedures to successfully deploy a new Cloud Block Store managed application in your Azure Virtual Network (VNet). 

A Cloud Block Store deployment video is available as a supplement to help users deploy Cloud Block Store from the ground up, including all the Azure prerequisites.

Video here: 

Cloud Block Store's high-level architecture consists of two Azure virtual machines acting as controllers and Azure managed disks for the NVRAM and persistent storage. The Cloud Block Store controllers process data and provide enterprise data services such as data reduction, snapshots, encryption, and replication. Two Ultra SSD disks will be deployed for NVRAM and fourteen Ultra SSD disks for persistent storage. A Cloud Block Store instances can be non-disruptively upgraded (NDU) with additional capacity by upgrading the Ultra SSD disk sizes. All Cloud Block Store NDU's are performed by Pure Storage Support in an automated fashion which removes any additional effort from the customer.  

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This implementation guide is broken up into the following sections below: 

Cloud Block Store on Azure Prerequisites

Cloud Block Store on Azure Pre-Deployment Checklist

Cloud Block Store on Azure Deployment

Cloud Block Store on Azure Deployment For Fusion 

Cloud Block Store on Azure Management

Host Management for Cloud Block Store on Azure