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Regions Support | Pure CBS on Azure

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Azure Supported Regions

6.6.1 release update, New regions added: 5 new for V20MP2-R2 model , 5 new regions For V10/V20MU-R1 model.

6.4.10 release update. New regions added: 11 new for V20MP2-R2 model , 3 new regions For V10/V20MU-R1 model.

6.4.7 release update. New regions added: South Africa North, Qatar Central, Switzerland North, Sweden Central. 


Region Name Region Code V10/V20MU-R1 V20MP2-R2
Supported # of Zones Supported # of Zones
(US) West US 2 westus2 Yes 3 Yes 3
(US) West US 3 westus3 Yes 3 Yes 3
(US) West US westus  Yes No Zonal Region No n/a
(US) South Central US southcentralus  Yes 1 Yes 3
(US) North Central US northcentralus Yes No Zonal Region     No n/a
(US) East US 2 eastus2 Yes 3 Yes 3
(US) East US eastus Yes 3


(US) Central US centralus  Yes 3 Yes 1
(Europe) West Europe westeurope  Yes 3 Yes 3
(Europe) UK South uksouth Yes 3 Yes 3
(Europe) North Europe northeurope  Yes 3 Yes 3
(Europe) Germany West Central germanywestcentral Yes 1 No n/a
(Europe) France Central francecentral Yes 2 Yes 3
(Europe) Sweden Central swedencentral Yes 3 Yes 3
(Canada) Canada Central canadacentral Yes 3 Yes 3
(Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia southeastasia Yes 3 Yes 2
(Asia Pacific) Japan East japaneast Yes 3 Yes 3
(Africa) South Africa North southafricanorth Yes  2 Yes 3
(Middle East) Qatar Central qatarcentral Yes  2 No n/a
(Europe) Switzerland North switzerlandnorth Yes  2 Yes 3
(Asia Pacific) Australia East australiaeast  Yes 3 Yes 3
(Asia Pacific) Korea Central koreacentral Yes 1 Yes 2
(Asia Pacific) East Asia eastasia Yes 1 Yes 3
(US) West Central US westcentralus No n/a No n/a
(South America) Brazil South brazilsouth Yes 1 Yes 2
(Middle East) UAE North uaenorth Yes 1 Yes 3
(India) Central India centralindia Yes 1 Yes 3
(Europe) UK West ukwest No n/a No n/a
(Europe) Norway East norwayeast No n/a Yes 3
(Canada) Canada East canadaeast No n/a No n/a
(Asia Pacific) Korea South koreasouth Yes No Zonal Region        No n/a
(Asia Pacific) Japan West japanwest No n/a No n/a
(Asia Pacific) Australia Central australiacentral Yes No Zonal Region     No n/a

Refer to this How-To KB to check if AWS instances used with CBS deployment are available. 
How to Check Instance Availability Required for Pure Cloud Block Store Deployment