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Pre-Deployment Checklist | Pure CBS on AWS

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Before you begin (Deployment Checklist)

Deployment will fail if all the requirements are not met. Before deploying Cloud Block Store, go through the following checklist:

  1. Ensure that you have a private subnet for the Cloud Block Store interfaces. You can put all interfaces onto a single subnet, or create separate subnets for each interface. Refer to the Network Section for details and network options.
  2. Ensure there is internet access from the private subnet used for the System interface. (NAT Gateway recommended).
  3. Ensure there are VPC Endpoints for S3 and DynamoDB traffic from the private subnet used for the System interface. See VPC Endpoint section for details.
  4. Ensure that there are three separate Security Groups for iSCSI, management, and replication traffic. See Security Group for details.
  5. Ensure that your max vCPU limits can accommodate Cloud Block Store instances. See EC2 Instance vCPU Limits for details.
  6. Has the IAM role with appropriate permissions been created? See IAM Role and Permission for details.
  7. Ensure DNS Resolution is enabled for your VPC. See VPC DNS Resolution for details.
  8. Have you retrieved your Pure-As-A-Service license from Pure1? Steps to retrieve license are here. (Note: make sure you are logged into to view this page)
    1. Work with Pure Storage sales teams and Pure Storage partners to obtain a Pure as-a-Service subscription.
    2. Starting with 6.1.10 and 6.2.0, there is an option to use a special license key for a timed trial of CBS without obtaining a subscription/license through Pure or the AWS Marketplace.  For a full description and limitations, see here.
  9. Have you added your AWS account ID to Pure1? This is security feature to ensure only user approved AWS account ID's are allowed to deploy Cloud Block Store. Instructions to whitelist AWS account IDs are provide here. (Note: make sure you are logged into to view this page) 
  10. If the above requirements have been met, proceed and deploy Cloud Block Store.